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Get your abs on with these crunch alternatives…


This blinder of an exercise will improve your coordination, mobility, strength…oh, & abs. Think of it as a progression from a knee-to-inside-elbow plank. The aim is to keep the hips low & try to extend the leg through as you lift the opposite arm high.

TOP TIP: Start slow, move from your waist. Looking forwards rather than down will help keep the hips down.

Angled Leg Lowers

No added resistance required for this little core burner. Dig your elbows in to help lift your lower back off the floor & aim to keep it in neutral. If that is too tricky, simply lie completely flat & possibly put your hands under your lower back to keep it gently pressing downwards.

Scooch the legs from right to left, slowly & with control focussing on the strength coming from your lower abdominals.

TOP TIP: Start with bent knees for less intensity.

Stir the Pot

Don’t be lulled into any preconceptions as to the effectiveness of this seemingly innocuous muscle builder. This gem of an anti-rotation ab strengthener is the perfect exercise to safely improve core stability from shoulders to hips.

Set the cable or attach a theraband at chest height & stand sideways on. Stand tall with feet hip width & activate gluts, abs & shoulders, clasping handle/band in front of chest. Without letting the body move at all, draw steady circles x 3 in each direction.

TOP TIP: Focus on each rep & exhale as you rotate. You will notice one direction will be easier than the other.

Bird Dog Plank

Any previous illusion of ease will be royally shafted with this one. Start kneeling & focus on maintaining square hips & shoulders before progressing to the full plank variation. This one takes focus & a whole lotta midriff muscle to do well. It creates incredible postural cross body strength.

TOP TIP: Lift leg before opposite arm as moving both together could well result in a face plant! Progress to lifting limbs on the diagonal if you’re feeling frisky.

Reverse Crunch with Reach

6 pack anyone? This exercise can be progressed or modified to suit any body &, as such, has to be included here. With or without additional resistance from a band or weight, you will feel this one where you want to!

Keep shoulders, back & gluts to floor as you extend limbs.

TOP TIP: Keep the focus on the abs pressing down as you reach.

Give them a whirl & please let me know how you go!

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